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The Future Of Work


AlertEnterprise is helping companies digitally transform workplace access in the new normal. Use the latest identity and digital credentialing technology to deliver a frictionless access experience, data-rich analytics and actionable insights for a safer workplace.

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Meet Lindsay.

Lindsay works in the office three days a week since the end of the lockdown. Follow her journey as she transitions from working 100% remotely to returning to work at the corporate office.

When working remotely or onsite, Lindsay connects the Safetrust SABRE USB to her laptop, validating her credentials for secure access to company networks and video conference calls.

It’s Tuesday, Lindsay’s first day back to work at the office. Lindsay previously requested access via the Guardian Access app.

Lindsay is automatically notified to complete a Health and Safety Questionnaire and upload her vaccination record via the Guardian Access app. Once approved, her Safetrust digital credential is activated on her mobile wallet. Lindsay is ready to return to work.

Lindsay arrives at the office and accesses the parking garage by waving her mobile phone near the Safetrust IoT Sensor, and then receives a message pushed to her mobile phone with her assigned parking space number.

Lindsay proceeds to the elevator, where she uses her mobile phone to scan the reader – granting her access to the Lobby.

Upon arrival inside the facility, the Lobby Ambassador administers a temperature scan and instructs Lindsay to complete the on-site re-entry form on the self-service kiosk prior to entering the work area.

Once the form is complete, Lindsay scans the mobile QR code that she received at home and is approved to enter the building.

The Safetrust/Guardian solution supports organizations with employees sharing co-working and temporary office space.

Once Lindsay checks in, her mobile phone directs her to her dedicated desk or office space for the day.

Lindsay proceeds to the elevator and then on to her secured workspace on the third floor. As she approaches the secured door, the reader automatically scans her mobile device, allowing for touchless access to the authorized areas.

Guardian software delivers data-rich insights as Lindsay accesses areas throughout her time in the facility, providing detailed reporting and analytics, as well as instant contact tracing in the event of a virus outbreak alert.

When Lindsay schedules a face-to-face meeting in the office, the Safetrust solution pushes temporary mobile credentials to the external visitors.

AlertEnterprise Visitor Identity Management delivers a seamless guest experience including off-site pre-registration, lobby check-in, guest escort and check-out.

The Safetrust Wallet app provides a touchless experience for Lindsay to conveniently pay for food and beverages in the cafeteria, supporting various forms of digital payment options.

In addition, the facility management team can create dining schedules to help limit the number of employees in the cafeteria at once.

Lindsay concludes her workday by exiting her workspace and returning to the lobby kiosk to check out and head home.

Lindsay concludes her workday by exiting her workspace and returning to the lobby kiosk to check out and head home.

The Safetrust/Guardian solution gives companies control of limiting the number of employees and guests in the office at any given time.

Each Safetrust sensor includes a multi-directional array allowing the identification of devices coming and going.

This allows for analytics to help corporations evaluate space utilization and optimization, resources needed and adherence to social distancing requirements.


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